Public School Program

The Need

Unlike in the United States, public school in Mexico is not free for older students and often not accessible for younger students. Consequently, a lack of access to education leaves many young people in Puerto Penasco stuck in the cycle of poverty.

The Barriers

In Mexico, beginning in high school students must pay for registration, tuition, uniforms, books and fees—expenses that leave up to 70% of local youth unable to study beyond middle school. Although public school is ‘free’ for younger students, a lack of critical resources including academic support in the home, transportation, access to food and medical care, and more prevent many local kids from completing even grade school.

The Program

Our local team begins by helping young people overcome barriers preventing them from going to school. They then follow all students throughout the school year to ensure they have the ongoing support and resources they need to succeed academically.

Pillars of the Program


Educarte does not take a one-size-fits-all approach to supporting students. They understand the need to constantly adapt and change depending on a student’s age and their family’s situation. As a student’s needs change, so does the type and level of support they receive.


The Educarte team makes a long-term commitment to the students we support. This dedicated group of professionals which includes educators, a psychologist, social worker and other support staff, follows students throughout each school year to help them overcome any barriers that may prevent them from going to school or thriving inside or outside the classroom. 


We understand that children worrying about their next meal, safe drinking water or physical pain are unlikely to succeed in school. Therefore, in addition to educational support, students in our program may receive support that enables them to remain physically and emotionally healthy.


The students we support often lack access to safe, uplifting spaces where they can learn and grow away from outside stressors. The six homework clubs we fund throughout the community are staffed by certified teachers and teaching assistants who provide students with the daily support and resources they need to be successful in the classroom. These clubs also provide students with extra-curricular activities such as fine arts, sports and character building that can help them become well-rounded, capable, altruistic adults.