Every Child Belongs:

Supporting Students with Special Needs

We believe that every human being should have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential, regardless of their strengths and challenges. By supporting students with special needs in Rocky Point, you can help us ensure that all young people in the community receive the professional support they need to thrive and participate fully in life.

CATI - a place for those with special needs

In January of 2021 the Educarte team launched a program called ‘Centro de Atencion y Terapias Infantil’ (C.A.T.I.) which translates to ‘Center for Attention and Therapies for Children.’ The C.A.T.I. team of therapists, special educators and other professionals work together to help each student overcome obstacles to independence and reach his or her potential. Family members are included as active members of the therapy program and receive ongoing support to learn how to help their children gain the skills they need to develop and thrive.

Types of ongoing support families and students enrolled in C.A.T.I. receive include:

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Psychological Support

Opportunities for recreation and socialization in the community